Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

General Chou En-lai to Three Kuomintang Members of the Political Consultative Council

Dear Messrs. Chang Chun, Shao Li-tze, and Chang Li-sheng: In the tea-party given by President Chiang Kai-shek for the members of the PCC Steering Committee on 15th. instant, we, the Communist delegates, have stated at that meeting that all problems must be solved simultaneously. Then, when we talked with you on the 16th again, we stressed the interdependency of the various problems and the necessity of a simultaneous solution, and assured you especially that there is decidedly no ground to expect us to consider your proposal done on behalf of the government of the apportionment of the numbers of the State Councillors, which, in our opinion, is infringing the previous agreements. Now the deadline, April 20th, for submitting the list has been passed, and we have not had the honor of being invited by you to discuss the matter further, so we presume it fairly certain that no way could have been found to solve the various problems which we talked about the other day. In view of the tense situation, and a civil war in full growth, there is no other way of backing out of danger than by a prompt cessation of hostilities and an earnest assurance for the full implementation of all the agreements. With a view to calling attention of the government, we are forwarding the attached statement.34 Anxiously awaiting your reply.

Faithfully yours,

Chou En-lai
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