Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Chen Cheng to General Marshall

No. 402

According to Radio report from Gen. Tu Li Ming: (1) Since 1500 hours, 7 June, our defending force, principal body of 88th Division at Lafa56 and Chiutzan were surrounded and fiercely attacked by Communist 2nd Brigade and 1st Division about 20,000 strong coming from Tuen-Tu rail line. Bitter fighting was still in progress at noon on 8th June. (2) at 1600 hours, 7th June, our force at Wu-Ke-Shu57 was fiercely attacked by 400 to 500 Communist Party Troops from Yu-Shu-Hsien. Three of our men were captured. (3) At 1500 hours, 7 June, Communist troops, the 21st Brigade, 61st Regiment in the vicinity of Tao-Lai-Sho and Ha-La-Hai:-Chen-Tze58 fiercely attacked our defending units. At 2300 hours, Communist troops were reinforced by over 1000 men. (4) Various units of our Army now are remaining at their original positions. Your attention to the above is requested.

Chen Cheng
General CA
Army Chief of Staff
  1. Notation on file copy: “50 mi[les] east of Kirin”.
  2. Notation on file copy: “50 mi[les] north of Kirin”.
  3. Notation on file copy: “50 mi[les] N[orth] W[est] of Changchun”.