Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Hsu Tung-chang to General Marshall

Dear General Marshall: Your Memorandum OSE 101, dated 30 May 1946,45 with two inclosures was received. However, regarding the final authority of American representatives in items 1, 2 and 3 in the second inclosure (Agreement to Insure the More Expeditious Functioning of Executive Headquarters,46) you have not empowered yourself with that authority. The Generalissimo still wishes you to refer to the 4th item in the first inclosure (Generalissimo’s letter to you dated 28 May47) regarding the final authority and that you should be empowered with such authority. It is contemplated that this point be added into your proposal “Agreement to Insure More Expeditious Functioning of Executive Headquarters.”

This letter is to notify you of the above and hope you will favor it with consent. Also, a copy of this letter has been sent to General Chou En-lai.

Hsu Yung Chang (seal)
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