Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to Lieutenant General Albert C. Wedemeyer, in the United States

807. Reference your message 29th,40 action in your case has been delayed in hopes earlier peaceful settlement here would have been accomplished before announcement, for several reasons, effect of suggestion of my withdrawal on CC41 clique and Communists both, weakening of my influence on Gimo in view of his insistence on my long stay here, your inclusion with me in Communist propaganda against U. S. assistance to Government Armies in present fighting. I had hoped to have fighting terminated several weeks ago but matter still drags with Government military now pressing their temporary advantage to the limit.

Problem of Congressional adjournment had not occurred to me but will have to be taken into account immediately. I have a hope to precipitate initiation of settlement within next 48 hours. If not successful we will have to go ahead with your affair.

  1. No. 89486, May 29, not printed; in this message General Wedemeyer advised General Marshall that he tentatively planned to depart for China between June 10 and June 15 and that he thought his “future status … should be clarified …”
  2. Chen brothers, Li-fu and Kuo-fu.