Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Draft Agreement on Propaganda Truce3

In regard to press release on hostilities in China proper, agreement is reached by both parties on the following points:
Both parties agree that in releasing reports on hostilities in China proper, the press release issued by Peiping Executive Headquarters [Page 901]and the field teams shall be taken as authoritative. Newspapers, news agencies (Central News Agency and New China News Agency) and broadcasting systems of both parties are held responsible to release such news which constitutes a conclusion drawn by Peiping Executive Headquarters from their investigations.
The military authorities of both parties should avoid releasing reports on hostilities directly.
Both parties should restrain their respective newspapers, news agencies and broadcasting systems from releasing non-factual hostilities reports.
The official news agencies of both parties shall despatch correspondents to wherever the Executive Headquarters is situated, and where the field teams are conducting their activities. Other news agencies, newspapers, and broadcast systems shall be provided with every possible convenience if they want to send correspondents to accompany the field teams.
Reports on hostilities in Manchuria should be treated in the same way as in item 1 as soon as the detachment of the Executive Headquarters be formally established in Changchun.
Political views and criticism for publication should be rational and calm in tone, instead of being abusive.
This agreement will be enforced from the day it is signed.
  1. Prepared by Gen. Chou En-lai; handed on May 26 by a member of his staff to the Chinese Minister of Information (Peng); copy transmitted by General Chou to General Marshall on June 2.