893.00/3–2146: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Smyth) to the Secretary of State

541. Steering Committee of Political Consultation Conference at meeting last night (see Embtel 523, March 20) reached agreement on following points:

That draft constitution now in preparation by Constitutional Committee in accordance with principles set forth in PCC constitutional agreement will be definitive and the only document presented to National Assembly for acceptance.
That all parties are under moral obligation to have their delegates to National Assembly support draft constitution as presented.
That Central Executive Committee of Kmt will nominate only Kmt membership of State Council. Other members to be nominated by their respective parties and non-party membership by Gimo.

Steering Committee meeting was presided over by Sun Fo20 who stated that Kmt members (Wang Shih-chieh21 and Wu Tieh-chen22) had been authorized by Gimo clearly to establish foregoing points. Statement embodying these points for release to press is now being drafted and it is anticipated it will be released about 25 March when Steering Committee will hold next meeting.

Action by Steering Committee, with participation therein by such influential members of Kmt, has cleared atmosphere and reduced danger of serious disruption of whole reform program. General Chou En-lai left for Yenan this morning, presumably to report result of Steering Committee meeting to Communist Central Committee.

Embassy considers prompt action by Kmt members of Steering Committee of PCC as additional evidence of good faith of Gimo with regard to implementation of PCC program and of his ability in final analysis to dominate Kmt actions. There still exists danger, however, from irreconcilables within Kmt and further attacks upon PCC program may be anticipated. It is felt here that serious situation of last few days was created in large part by erroneous reporting, perhaps deliberate, by Central News Agency which created general confusion among Communists and minor parties with respect to ultimate intentions and good faith of Kmt.

  1. President of the Chinese Legislative Yuan.
  2. Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  3. General Wu Te-chen, Secretary General of the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee.