893.00/3–246: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Smyth) to the Secretary of State

415. Organic general rules governing the Supreme National Defense Council enacted by Kuomintang Central Executive Committee on January 29, 1939, are being forwarded to Dept by airmail16 in Chinese text and English translation. As far as Embassy is aware these rules have never been made public. They were obtained originally from Chinese source by staff member and their authenticity has now been confirmed orally by Foreign Office.

Article 1 of rules is as follows: “Central Executive Committee during the period of the war hereby establishes the Supreme National Defense Council for the purpose of coordinating the control of the party, the Government and the military and exercising the power of the Central Political Council. The subordinate departments and committees of the Central Executive Committee, and the five Yuans of the Central Government, the National Military Council and its subordinate departments and committees shall take instructions from the Supreme National Defense Council”

Article 8 as follows: “The President of the Supreme National Defense Council may, without applying the ordinary procedure, summarily deal with all party. Government, and military affairs by issuing orders.”

Embassy considers these rules to be of considerable interest as specifically setting forth supreme authority of Generalissimo which has hitherto been assured [assumed?]. They are especially interesting at this time when Generalissimo’s authority may be subject to attack from Rightest Kuomintang elements who are disgruntled at prospect of full implementation PCC resolutions (Embtel 304, February 15, 3 p.m.) and drastic military reorganization.

  1. Not found in Department files.