Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by General Marshall to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek

During my absence the Committee of Three dispatched a delegation to Canton to assist in resolving the Communist problem in that area. I have just read a report made by the American member of that delegation97 and also your instructions to General Chang Fa-kwei dated 5 April 194698 which resolves the major portion of the difficulties that existed prior to the visit by the delegation.

However there remains one aspect of the matter which still requires corrective action. General Chang Fa-kwei continues in his attitude of non-recognition of Communist Forces in Kwan[g]tung Province, which is not in keeping with the spirit of the 10 January Cease Fire agreement.

I intend bringing up this entire question to the Committee of Three at an early date. Prior to doing so I would greatly appreciate your comments in the matter.

  1. See telegram of April 2 from Col. J. Hart Caughey to Brig. Gen. Henry A. Byroade, p. 636, the most comprehensive report to be sent on this problem.
  2. See memorandum by Col. J. Hart Caughey to Mr. Liao Cheng-chi, April 9, p. 641.