Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Lieutenant General Albert C. Wedemeyer to the Commander of the Seventh Fleet (Cooke), Then at Chungking

27351. Communists in Canton area is subject. Following is paraphrase of comments received from General Chou En-lai reference 26361, 221130Z:

At least two POEs will be required as Communists are located in two areas—the East River area and Hainan Island.
Estimated total male strength is over 3,000. In addition women and children shall not exceed 500.
Boca Tigris is too distant from present Communist locations to be a satisfactory POE. Mirs Bay and Tanhsien, Hainan Island are better located POEs.
Rations and medical supplies for use in staging area and during water lift should be furnished by the Government (Chinese) in accordance with the general demobilization plan.
Communist forces in Chefoo will welcome the landing of this unit at Chefoo.
Closing dates and definite locations of POEs as well as exact numbers to be moved shall be the subject of survey by the 8th field team at Canton and ultimately determined at conference with Generals Lin Ping, Tseng Sheng and Feng Pai-chu. End of paraphrase.

General Gillem states that Generalissimo protests violently any proposal for repatriation of Communists from Hainan Island. Therefore, Gillem considers that immediate arrangements on the Canton situation are the only ones feasible at this time. Hainan Island situation to be taken up later but as soon as possible.

Request your comments reference possible POEs in Mirs Bay area and suitability of Tanhsien, Hainan Island.

Further information will be furnished you as available.