Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to Lieutenant General Albert C. Wedemeyer59

306. We have a dangerous spot in vicinity of Canton, about 3,000 Communists driven into hiding by Government troops under Chang Fa Kwei60 who declares them bandits. The proposal is to remove Communists by water to Chefoo. Please query Cooke61 as to availability of LST or other vessels for such evacuation at an early date. I would suggest that a small port distant from Canton be selected for assembly, medical examination and preparation, etc. General Chou62 has man in Chungking who knows present hide-outs of Communist personnel.

  1. Commanding General, U. S. Forces, China Theater.
  2. Commanding Chinese troops in Kwangtung.
  3. Vice Adm. Charles M. Cooke, Jr., commander of the U. S. Seventh Fleet.
  4. Chou En-lai, Chinese Communist representative on the Committee of Three.