Memorandum by the Committee of Three to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek78

The successful functioning of the Executive Headquarters and its Operations Section is dependent upon securing adequate accommodations, office space, and subsistence for the personnel involved.

In order that necessary arrangements can be made for accommodations at Peiping, the following strengths are submitted as our estimate of the initial requirements:

United States National Government Communist Party
Officers 25 40 40
Enlisted Men 65 90 90
Civilians 35 40 40
Totals 125 170 170
Grand Total 465

By separate memorandum there is being forwarded to both you and Chairman Mao Tse-tung, a more detailed outline of the organization of the Executive Headquarters.79

It is requested that you designate appropriate officials to arrange for accommodations and subsistence based on the above strengths where required. General Marshall has already had the headquarters commandant of the Operations Section, Colonel W. C. Wilson, sent to Peiping to await your direction to officials there. It would greatly facilitate arrangements if your instructions to Peiping officials regarding provision of facilities would name Colonel Wilson as the responsible officer charged with coordination of accommodations and other required facilities.

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It is requested further that a copy of your instructions to Peiping officials be furnished General Marshall before the departure of Colonel Byroade, now scheduled at 1000 hours on 11 January. In event signal communications had not been received by your officials in Peiping, Colonel Byroade would be able to make personal delivery of your instructions.

In the interest of mutual confidence it would appear that accommodations provided should be equally desirable for all.

Chang Chun
Chou En-lai
G. C. Marshall

Signed on 10 January 1946

Handed to General Chang Chun
by General Marshall for delivery
to the Generalissimo

  1. Copy transmitted to the Secretary of State by General Marshall with his memorandum of January 17; received January 31.
  2. See memorandum printed supra.