Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Lieutenant General Alvan C. Gillem, Jr., to General Marshall

341. Daily conferences, which included a session last night with General Chou until 0100, have not produced an agreement on the dispatch of field teams to Manchuria. The restraint [sic] of General Chou to approve the document is opposed by Yenan. General Chou is now awaiting reply from Yenan to an amended draft and the reply should be received either today or tomorrow. Indications lead to possible conclusion that delay in sending teams is the objective. Efforts being made on all sides on legal scene to expedite approval of this document. In this morning’s session, I quoted portions of your press conference31 pertaining to Manchuria and reiterated the compelling necessity for a speedy agreement on this vital document and dispatch of field teams which are now standing by. I feel that document will be approved in a few days.

The following eulogy was delivered by the Generalissimo [at] the closing session of the plenary session of the Central Committee of the Kuomintang:

“Here I wish particularly to mention the contributions General George C. Marshall has made. Ever since his arrival in China 3 months ago, he has worked indefatigably and sincerely as a friend to help us attain peaceful national unification. He has striven hard to enable us to begin the task of peaceful national reconstruction so that China might contribute to the peace in the Pacific and to world peace. The United States policy is in accord with our national policy.

Completely objective in outlook and cautious in approach, General Marshall has sought with us ways and means of finding a solution. The fair and practical views he advanced have mastered many problems. Our gratitude and admiration for his sincerity and the pains he has taken and our confidence in him are unbounded.”

New subject. Nanking trip postponed because of weather and urgent conferences. Weather permitting, will depart Tuesday returning Wednesday night or Thursday.

New subject. General Chang Chih-chung is being sent to Sinkiang the latter part of this week to settle some difficulties that are now prevalent.32

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