121.893/1–2446: Telegram

General Marshall to President Truman96


98. Dear Mr. President: The following are the developments since my last message98 dated January 16: My time was largely consumed last week in furthering special actions to suppress fighting in isolated regions, which finally culminated in my taking in my plane with me National and Communist officers to Shanghai, securing and instructing American officers there to head two field teams or groups, procuring radio equipment and operating personnel, also planes, and starting these two teams off last Sunday one due north to Suchow and one north of Hankow to Kwangsian. The Peking headquarters was unable to reach these two trouble spots due to bad weather and great distance. Reports now indicate that the general situation is getting well under control, and that the three commissioners in Peking headed by our man Robertson are working in commendable harmony and sufficient three-man teams have been organized and gotten into the [Page 374] field. Bad weather at first hampered all movements, assembly of staff and dispatch of teams.

My short time in Shanghai Saturday evening to Monday morning was also devoted to numerous rehabilitation and reorganizational details with General Wedemeyer; also agreements with Admiral Cooke commanding Seventh Fleet involved in handling Chinese troops to Manchuria and repatriating Japanese. I went over UNRRA99 situation with Kizer1 and heard views of leading American businessmen in Shanghai.

. . . . . . .

  1. Copy delivered to the Secretary of State or Under Secretary of State (Acheson).
  2. For sections of telegram printed elsewhere in this volume, see pp. 142 and 193.
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  4. United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.
  5. Benjamin H. Kizer, UNRRA Director in China.