Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Brigadier General Henry A. Byroade to General Marshall

37. After much debate and reluctance on part of National Government side, have agreement now to send field team to Canton.

We need capable U. S. Colonel to handle with finesse the Canton hotcake. Except for one complete team which we must hold in reserve for North China area for a couple more days, there is no one available here.

Request that one Colonel, one clerk, and one jeep driver be detailed for American element of Canton field team. (On request for additional Colonels see Ourad 25 to ComGen China94)

We can send Chinese members on Tuesdays regularly scheduled flight to Shanghai along with officer from this headquarters to brief at Shanghai United States Army representatives. Our briefing officer will have other business in Shanghai also.

Additionally request airlift of party estimated 8 to 10 to Canton as soon as practicable after assemblage in Shanghai.

[Page 369]

We plan dropping of 100,000 leaflets in Canton area which will take one plane a couple of days. Leaflets will accompany personnel from here.

Can you furnish personnel, airlift to Canton and plane leaflet dropping? Please advise.

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