Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

General Chang Chun to General Chou En-lai66

My Dear General Chou: Acknowledgement of receipt is made of your letter dated January 13th, 5:00 a.m.

According to the report received from the Board of Military Operations, National Military Council, orders for cessation of hostilities were issued in the afternoon of January 10th, which were expected to reach the headquarters of the higher commands in that very evening. Since there are too many units and since there are difficulties in communications due to the present over-crowding of telephone and telegraphic lines, such orders for cessation of hostilities will not be able to reach the headquarters of the other Armies and Divisions. But it is estimated that the great majority of them will be able to receive such orders around the 12th, and as soon as they are received, all hostilities will come to an end.

I have previously informed you of the fact that the Communist troops are continuing their fierce attacks on Chaochwang and Len-cheng and have requested that such attacks be stopped. According to the report of the Board of Military Operations, the New 4th Army numbering more than twenty thousand men have on the 11th attacked and occupied Chaochwang Coal Mines and Nantaching and thoroughly destroyed them. Recently they have again completely destroyed the railroads in that vicinity, and on the 12th attacked fiercely the Chiawang Coal Mines. More than ten thousand of General Liu Po-cheng’s troops have also on the morning of the 12th surrounded Siuwu and Tachihfang south of Siuwu, the attack growing more intensified in the afternoon. Another ten thousand men surrounded Tasiaopo north of Anyang and Wangchia on the 12th, with the clear intention of occupying Northern Honan. It is requested that they be telegraphically instructed to cease the attack at once in order that the order for cessation of hostilities may become effective.

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The above mentioned hostilities must absolutely come to a stop within the prescribed time of 12 o’clock midnight, January 13th, so as not to affect the general situation.

Yours sincerely,

Chang Chun
  1. Copy of translation transmitted on January 13 by General Chang to General Marshall.