Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by Colonel Henry A. Byroade to General Marshall

Mr. Robertson just phoned to say that in the 6 o’clock meeting tonight between the Communists and the Central Government they [Page 26] had reached agreement on Dr. Wang’s proposal38 of last night, which you did not like, with the added phrase:

“Orders for the surrender and details for the restoration of communications would be agreed upon by the following Committee of Three:

  • General Marshall
  • Governor Chang Chun
  • General Chou En-lai”

The above two delegates will be glad to meet with you either Monday morning or Monday evening at your convenience. (We are to notify Mr. Robertson as to which time is satisfactory. I did not make a decision on this as he did not want to contact them again tonight anyway.)

Minister of Information, K. C. Wu, released at 8 o’clock this evening the following information for the press:

“With regard to the procedures for the cessation of hostilities and restoration of communications submitted respectively both sides have reached agreement in accordance with procedure agreed upon. Governor Chang Chun and General Chou En-lai will confer immediately together on carrying out the procedures.”

The press asked K. C. Wu if it were not true that these two representatives would meet with General Marshall. He replied: “It is implied that these two will confer with General Marshall.”

H[enry] A. B[yroade]
  1. Apparently the draft proposal of January 4, p. 18.