501.BC/7–1646: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative at the United Nations (Johnson) to the Secretary of State


424. A copy of the following letter from Mr. L. D. Bhakdi, Siamese Chargé d’Affaires, to the Secretary-General, dated 15 July, 1946, was received by the delegation from the Secretariat today:

“Sir, In conformity with instructions received from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Siam, I have the honour to transmit to Your Excellency the following communication cabled from Bangkok:

‘To the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

‘Your Excellency: The cablegram from the Prime Minister of [Page 1033] Siam, dated the 25th [27th?] May 1946, addressed to Your Excellency, indicated a state of affairs on the Indochinese-Siamese frontiers which so menaced the maintenance of peace in this area as to cause grave concern to the Government of Siam, a country which is wholeheartedly devoted to the principle of the settlement of international differences by pacific means.

‘As these unfortunate conditions, especially in view of the fact that territorial problems pending between the two countries still remain to be solved, continue to give rise to profound anxiety, the Government of Siam has decided to bring the matter formally to the attention of the Security Council.

‘The Government of Siam, duly authorized by the National Assembly on the 17th June 1946, unreservedly accepts the obligations imposed by Article 35, paragraph 2 of the Charter of the United Nations as a prerequisite to bringing to the attention of the Security Council, for consideration under the pertinent articles of the Charter, those matters in dispute between the Republic of France and the Kingdom of Siam which threaten the preservation of peace between the two countries.

‘The Government of Siam further agrees to accept any solution proposed by the Security Council in regard to immediate matters at issue as well as in regard to all matters, territorial or otherwise, connected therewith.

‘The Government of Siam now formally requests Your Excellency to place the dispute between France and Siam upon the agenda of the Security Council.

‘Accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration, (signed) Direck Jayanam, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Siam, Bangkok, July 11, 1946.’

“I am also to inform Your Excellency that in connection with the above a Siamese delegation is leaving Bangkok for New York within a few days.”