The Ambassador in the Philippines (McNutt) to the Secretary of State

No. 258

Sir: I have the honor to report that the text of Moscow’s telegram No. 3816, of October 11,96 was shown to President Roxas, an abbreviated version of which had already appeared in the Manila press. On October 21 President Roxas issued the following press statement in comment on the article from Pravda, quoted in the Department’s telegram cited above:

“There has come to my attention an article from Pravda, the official organ of the Russian Communist Party in Moscow, depreciating our independence and charging that the Philippines are dominated by United States military and economic interests. A number [Page 924] of other charges are also included in this rather lengthy dissertation on the Philippines, including many of the same irresponsible accusations which have been spread in uninformed circles in the United States by self-serving interests here. All these charges are falsehoods, not one of them having greater validity than the other. I am surprised that this great organ of the Russian Communist Party, with all its world concerns today, should devote so much space to our affairs, except, of course, I understand that by making remarks derogatory to the Philippines, this newspaper feels it is also placing the United States in some discredit.

Pravda states, for instance, that after liberation the United States Government ‘reinstated the collaborationists and destroyed the national liberation movement.’ This meaningless statement is, of course, palpably untrue. I am accused of having pursued ‘cruel persecution’ of the ‘partisan people’s army.’ It is alleged that American tanks were used to disperse ‘united front meetings’ and that American troops were used to determine the result of the presidential election.

“All these statements fall of their own weight. I merely cite them in order that the Filipino people may know the uses to which irresponsible political charges made here are put on the international front. I should also like the people of the world to know that we cherish our hard-won independence; that we will protect it with all the means at our command; and that we will resist any attempt by any nation to threaten or curtail that independence.”

Respectfully submitted,

For the Ambassador:
Julius C. C. Edelstein

Acting Director of Information and Cultural Relations

[For Department of State press release of November 4 on agreement by Presidents Truman and Roxas to establish a joint American-Philippine Financial Commission to study the financial and budgetary problems and needs of the Philippines, see Department of State Bulletin, November 17, 1946, page 921.]

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