711.11B/6–446: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Manila (Steintorf)


1038. For Davis.40 1. Airmail pouch dispatched today contains draft military base agreement, together with letter to HC requesting that he discuss draft with Roxas and report result of negotiations.

2. Copies of arbitration, conciliation, extradition, and consular conventions, as well as income tax and inheritance tax conventions, handed to HC while here for discussion with Roxas or his representatives after return Manila. If these instruments have now received approval both Roxas and HC, Dept should be informed so that documents can be put in final form for signing on July 4 or as soon thereafter as possible.

[Page 885]

3. Treaty general relations, containing amendments mentioned urtel MS 91 Jun 441 with exception of one relating to issuance of passports, and with other minor unimportant changes, and omitting Article 8 which seemed unnecessary because similar article contained in provisional agreement forwarded to you today, is now being processed for signature and will be forwarded by air pouch next week.

  1. Nathaniel P. Davis, State Department representative on the staff of the U.S. High Commissioner in the Philippines, with personal rank of Minister.
  2. Not printed.