The President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines ( Roxas ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: With the establishment of the Republic of the Philippines on July 4, 1946, it will be necessary for our two governments to conclude a series of treaties defining the relations between the two countries. At the present time, however, it seems impossible that any of these treaties will have been formally concluded by our two Governments by July 4.

In view of this situation I should like to say that I deem it advisable that a temporary or provisional agreement be executed by our two countries to cover the interim period prior to the coming into force of the regular treaties. Among the matters covered in the agreement, in my opinion, should be the recognition by the United States of the independence of the Philippines, the exchange of diplomatic representatives, the notification to other countries that the United States was relinquishing sovereignty over the Philippines, and an invitation to them to accord recognition to the Republic of the Philippines.

I am prepared to enter into full discussion with representatives of your Government on this matter and am confident that a provisional agreement of satisfactory character can be arrived at by our two governments.32

Sincerely yours,

Manuel Roxas
  1. This post-dated letter was signed prior to the departure on May 17 of Mr. Roxas and received by the Under Secretary of State on May 18.
  2. The text of a provisional agreement for signature on July 4 was sent to Manila on June 14 (711.11B/6–1346).