711.11B2/3–1546: Telegram

The Consul General at Manila (Steintorf) to the Secretary of State


396. Urtel 350, March 4.18 The draft treaty is an excellent general document19 but fails to provide for numerous specific problems arising from our unique position of Philippines. Our continuing responsibilities and special position necessitate specific special treaty provisions to provide authority to carry out our commitments. Present draft also gives no consideration to Bell Bill, which, if enacted, will necessitate complete revision of many important sections. If Dept anticipates conclusion of a treaty at time of or shortly after independence, then I reiterate my recommendation that it is essential to have a competent team of specialists to conduct preliminary negotiations here at earliest possible moment.

  1. This telegram requested comments on the draft treaty of friendship, commerce, and navigation delivered by hand early in January to the Consulate General (711.11B2/3–445).
  2. Mr. Steintorf in his telegram 143, January 30, 5 p.m., from Manila, had suggested early action on negotiations for a treaty of amity, commerce, and navigation (711.11B2/1–3046).