740.00119 Control (Korea)/10–1846: Telegram

Lieutenant General John R. Hodge to the Secretary of State


Tfgcg 516 [to Tokyo]. Declaration today presented to me signed “On behalf of the Coalition Committee, Kim, Kyu Sic and Lyuh Woon Hyung, Chairmen,” reading as follows:

“Declaration requesting the reopening of the American-Soviet Joint Commission. In accordance with the decision of the Moscow three-power conference, Soviet Russia and the US, in order to accomplish the assigned task toward the people of Korea, had formed the American-Soviet Joint Commission and had for some time carried on its sessions. But the sudden indefinite adjournment of the said Commission (since May 6, 1946) is not only matter of deep regret but also retards the realization of the burning aspiration of the Korean people to reestablish their country as an independent state.

The Coalition Committee therefore, voicing the sentiment of the entire Korean people request hereby the Commanding Generals of the occupation forces of both Allied Powers as well as their respective governments to have the Joint Commission resume its work immediately.”

Copy of declaration is being sent also to Commanding General of the Soviet Forces in North Korea. Presentation of declaration has no particular significance but it emphasizes the general feeling of the Korean people concerning the prolonged adjournment of the Joint Commission. This disappointment will increase and is of course a factor in the current restlessness.

In this connection the Koreans have been closely scanning recent press reports of the Paris Council of Foreign Ministers for evidence of American-Soviet reproachment [rapprochement?]. See also Tfurc 63 and 64. Langdon concurs in this comment.