740.00119 Control (Korea)/5–1746: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Korea (Langdon) to the Secretary of State


Tfurc 47 [to Tokyo]. The public statement suggested in Tfurc 46, May 16th96 represented consensus of Joint Commission opinion. I was not entirely in accord with the idea of publicizing conditions under which we would resume negotiations and [felt?] that such approach would not create an atmosphere conducive to early resumption of negotiations which I consider of paramount importance in the present situation. They, on the other hand, consider that our conditions under which the talks could be resumed should be confirmed in a public statement by Washington. My thought was the issuance of a public statement that would be directed rather at the Korean people to only [allay?] their present frustration, disappointment and doubts. I had in mind a brief statment to effect that the Department is in full accord with General Hodge’s position, that the American Delegation is ready at any time to resume talks, and that it is anticipated that [Page 680]such resumption will not be unduly delayed. The Commission has seen this message and has agreed to my transmitting this dissenting view.

  1. Text printed from corrected copy received May 20, noon.
  2. Not printed; the suggested public statement was intended to answer a Moscow press announcement on the adjournment of the Joint Commission. It proposed resumption of negotiations whenever the Soviet delegation was ready to acknowledge that freedom of expression would be safeguarded throughout Korea. (740.00119 Control (Korea)/5–1646)