Records of the State–War–Navy Coordinating Committee, Lot 52–M45, SWNCC 176 Series: Telegram

General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to the Joint Chiefs of Staff19


CA 57133. Foil has been received from Gen Hodge:

“Although WX 91640Z20 DTG 170456/Z authorized and instructed me to arrange for an early meeting of the joint US-Soviet Commission to discuss political matters, I feel that I should not approach the Russians until I have received the political directives referred to, or at least know that they will be issued shortly. Furthermore, I suggest the advisability of waiting until the present economic discussions are concluded before calling the political meeting. Not only will we know more about the gen Russian attitude by that time, but also such a delay may give the Koreans time to form some kind of united front regarding an interim govt. Finally, I suggest that the political meeting be convened as a result of inter-governmental communications rather than on my own initiative. Such approach would, I feel, give the proceedings greater dignity and demonstrate to the Russians the importance we attach to our Korean and other Far Eastern commitments. Benninghoff concurs. [Hodge”]

Prompt instructions requested.

  1. Copy transmitted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on January 22 to SWNCC with the request for the basis of a reply.
  2. January 5, p. 607.