740.00119 PW/5–1346: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Political Adviser in Japan (Atcheson)


305. In view of SCAP’s exclusive responsibility for implementation of terms of surrender and for control of Japan, Dept after consideration [Page 511] is of opinion that approach to the Soviets in the matter of Japanese fishing operations in Kamchatka (C 59917, Paragraph 6 (B)) might most appropriately be made by SCAP to Russian liaison officer or to Soviet member of Allied Council. It is suggested that point to be emphasized to Soviets might be their share of responsibility in Japanese occupation and urgent need for food obtained from these fisheries to relieve unrest and disease in Japan. Fishery convention of 192829 might be mentioned as convenient modus operandi facilitating proposed operations rather than as treaty still valid.

If you agree that such representations might appropriately be made in Tokyo and should they prove unsuccessful Dept will then consider instructing Embassy in Moscow to present formal note to Soviet Foreign Office.

  1. Signed at Moscow, January 23, 1928, League of Nations Treaty Series, vol. lxxx, p. 341.