740.00119 PW/3–1346

The Chairman of the Far Eastern Commission ( McCoy ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: At the first meeting of the Reparations Committee of the Far Eastern Commission, an interest was evinced by its members in the factual data secured by the United States Strategic Bombing Survey on the Japan industrial plant. Since other countries than the United States have not been permitted to undertake, in Japan, comprehensive study of the Japanese industrial economy, and since such information is essential to just and wise formation of an inter-allied reparations program, I wish to request, on behalf of the Commission, that the industry studies prepared by the Bombing Survey be made avalable through the Commission to its members. Many of these studies may be incomplete. If so, their presentation in an interim or tentative form would, nevertheless, greatly assist the Commission in its work. I would appreciate your assistance in obtaining these studies from the War Department for the use of the Far Eastern Commission.91

Sincerely yours,

Frank R. McCoy

Maj. General, USA, (Ret)
  1. Request made by memorandum on March 26 to Maj. Gen. Oliver P. Echols, Director, Civil Affairs Division, War Department.