740.00116 P.W./1–3146: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Kennan ) to the Secretary of State


306. In another interview with Acting Chief of American Section of FornOff I spoke to him along lines of Dept’s 174, Jan 30 (concerning participation of Soviet Govt in Japanese war criminals trial). He stated frankly that this information was not sufficient for Soviet purposes. They wish to know precisely in what respects charter (issuance of which by Supreme Commander had already been made known to them by their Washington Embassy) differs from that of Nuremberg Court. They are particularly interested in question of status of their associate prosecutor. They want to know whether he is to act independently, as at Nuremberg, or as an agent of chief prosecutor. Instructions he receives here and materials he will take with him will depend on this point.

Knowing general Russian insistence on complete clarity and exactness in matters of this nature, I think quickest way for us to get action is to give them as complete information as possible on charter and on any other measures of preparation for this trial which may have been taken.14

  1. In its telegram 114, February 2, 6 p.m., (740.00116 PW/1–2646) the Department instructed the Acting Political Adviser in Japan to suggest to Mr. Keenan that the Charter of January 19 be cabled textually to Moscow and Washington and also requested prompt suggestions in reply to Moscow’s telegrams 257, January 26, and 306, January 31.