740.00116 PW/1–2946: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Secretary of State


1075. From Hodgson. Reference Dept’s cable 678, January 22. The Australian list of Japanese major war criminals is on agenda of Committee I meeting and of Commission meeting, both to be held January 30. Mr. Bridgland,13 assistant to Australian representative, stated this morning that as a courtesy to the U.S. representative, he would take this subject off the agenda of the meetings to be held January 30. He also said that in the view of his Government, the functions of the United Nations War Crimes Commission are different from those of the Far Eastern Commission and the prosecution agency established at MacArthur’s Headquarters and that he would therefore present the Australian list to the Commission and to Committee I at the earliest possible moment, not later than the regular meeting to be held on February 6, and that he might even press for a special meeting on February 1. [Hodgson.]

  1. Flying Officer Geoffrey S. Bridgland, Australian Air Force, deputy representative for Australia on the Commission. Judge Mansfield had been nominated associate prosecutor of the International Military Tribunal at Tokyo.