740.00116 P.W./1–1846: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Manila (Steintorf)


110. For the High Commissioner.98 Supreme Commander is constituting possibly early next month International Military Tribunal in Tokyo for trial of Japanese war criminals charged with crimes against the peace. Nine signatories of surrender instrument have been asked to nominate judges and associate prosecutors for appointment by MacArthur to Tribunal and to International Prosecution Section. China, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have made such nominations, and UK has nominated Deputy Associate Prosecutor. France, Netherlands, and Soviet Union have indicated they will make their nominations within few days. Dept. is in agreement with Supreme Commander’s suggestion that India and Philippines should not be asked to participate in nomination of judges, but in view war crimes and atrocities committed their respective countries should be asked to nominate associate prosecutors.

Please take up urgently with Philippine Govt, submission suitable nomination to MacArthur in order that Philippine representative may arrive Tokyo in sufficient time to participate in preparation of list of defendants, the indictment and the case now under discussion in International Prosecution Section.

  1. Paul V. McNutt, United States High Commissioner in the Philippines.