The Officer in Charge of the Office of the Political Adviser in Japan to the Department of State

No. 359

The Officer in Charge has the honor to forward under separate cover two copies of the report of the United States Education Mission which was submitted to the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers on March 30, 1946.56 This report sums up the work of the Mission, details its findings regarding the characteristics and deficiencies of the Japanese educational system, and sets forth recommendations for the democratic reorientation of education in Japan. A digest appears as the last section of the report, on pages 112123.

  1. See Department of State Bulletin, May 5, 1946, pp. 768–772 for Chairman George D. Stoddard’s letter of March 30 to General MacArthur, General MacArthur’s statement of April 6, and digest of the mission’s report. In a memorandum of April 19 to the Secretary of State, the Assistant Secretary, William Benton, brought the foregoing to the attention of Mr. Byrnes as “a subject of great world importance—the reorientation and re-education of the Japanese people. Mr. Byrnes noted the report as follows: “O.K. J. F. B.” (740.00119 Control (Japan)/4–1946)