740.00119 Control (Japan)/4–146

The Chairman of the Far Eastern Commission (McCoy) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: On 25 March 1946 I transmitted to you the text of an inquiry on behalf of the Far Eastern Commission to the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan49 relative to the date of the forthcoming Japanese general election, with the [Page 187] request that this be transmitted through the United States Government in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the Commission.

General MaeArthur’s reply has since been received, and I enclose a copy of it.50 The Commission met on 30 March 1946 to consider this reply and decided that any action on its part in connection with the forthcoming elections was unnecessary.

It is now the wish of the Commission to release to the press its own original communication to General MacArthur, and at the same time it would like to release the General’s reply.

I concur in this and at the request of the Commission am writing to ask that early clearance be given for the publication of this classified document.

Sincerely yours,

Frank R. McCoy

Major General, USA (Ret.)
  1. See annex to memorandum of March 26, p. 183; the text is also printed in p. 716.
  2. Dated March 29, ibid., p. 717.