740.00119 Control (Japan)/2–946

Mr. Max W. Bishop, of the Office of the Political Adviser in Japan, to the Secretary of State

No. 243

Sir: I have the honor to forward copy of a memorandum79 analyzing the strategy of the Japan Communist Party (Kyosan-to), Which is based upon an interrogation, on January 31, 1946, of Nosaka Sanzo, Communist leader in Japan, by General Headquarters.

Attention is particularly invited to the long-range aspects of Communist strategy in Japan and its similarity, along ideological lines, to the policies practiced by the Bolsheviks upon seizing control in Russia. It is also to be observed that tactics of the Japan Communist Party call for compromises when necessary, but that its infiltration into labor organizations is conducted along strictly Party lines.

A recent interview by a staff member of this Mission with an influential member of the Cooperative Party (Kyodo-to) elicited information to the effect that relatively small numbers of Communists acting as a unit, are exercising a disproportionate influence upon the activities of various unions in Hokkaido, particularly the Miners’ Union. This information would appear to substantiate the reported desire of the Communists to enter the Peasants’ Union (Nomin-Kumiai) as a group rather than as individual members.

In short, the tactics of the Kyosan-to do not vary from those generally observed in other areas of Communist Party operations, namely, a concerted effort to infiltrate organized bodies, particularly Labor Unions, with the ultimate aim of seizing control at the earliest practicable opportunity. Once sufficient power has been obtained, complete Communization of the country remains the ultimate objective of the Party. Although they hope to achieve their aim peacefully, Nosaka’s reference to Lenin’s experience in Moscow in 1917 makes it abundantly clear that from a Communist viewpoint, under certain circumstances seizure of power by force may be not only necessary, but fully justified.

Respectfully yours,

Max W. Bishop

Foreign Service Officer
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