767.68119/8–846: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State


844. This message sent possible time-saver and as precaution there/has not been delivery Washington, London of below-mentioned Soviet note.

Turk Foreign Minister has asked Bursley52 to come in tomorrow afternoon.

Latter saw British Ambassador railway station tonight. There follows summary Ambassador statements in necessarily hurried conversation.

[Page 830]
Foreign Minister today informed British Ambassador that Soviets have presented note to Turks on Straits question, raising four points.
Most important of which is statement, possibly ambiguous, regarding joint Soviet-Turk responsibility for Straits which seems bring up idea of bases but which does not seem, according to British Ambassador, to have alarmed Turks unduly.
Encouragement seems to have been taken from fact Soviets told Foreign Office they were presenting similar note Washington–London.
Turks do not intend to raise technicalities, such as that second power has not supported Soviet proposals and intend reply in about 10 days after ascertaining views United States and British Governments.
British Ambassador undertook see me Istanbul53 tomorrow.
British Ambassador has telegraphed London report conversation Foreign Minister. Former says has no knowledge basis recent AP Konlon’s story Straits.

More specific report and comments will follow as soon as possible.

Sent to Department: repeated to London as 114, to Moscow as 76.

  1. Herbert S. Bursley, Counselor of Embassy in Turkey.
  2. Ambassador Wilson was temporarily in the hospital at Istanbul.