890E.05/12–2646: Telegram

The Chargé in Lebanon ( Lane ) to the Secretary of State


680. On December 23 I told FonMin Pharaon and Director [General] Ammoun substance of Deptel 596, December 17, and left aide-mémoire.

Pharaon emphasized Lebanon desire to proceed properly on Mixed Courts matter not unilaterally as Syria did and his particular concern that US be completely satisfied. Ammoun said aide-mémoire instead of exchange of notes covered situation fully and expressed gratification this reply was received before termination Mixed Courts end December. Pharaon said Lebanon will accept for treaty any text on Mixed Courts US suggests.

Repeated London as 47.


[On December 31, 1946, Beirut reported that in addresses before the Lebanese Chamber of Deputies the previous day, the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Justice stated that “abolition of Mixed Courts effective December 31 would end ‘last vestige of special privileges reserved to foreign powers in this country’. Russia had renounced privileges enjoyed since Ottoman Empire. ‘France, Britain and United States have welcomed the abolition in a spirit of friendship and with confidence in our ideals of justice.’” (Airgram A–299, filed under 890E.032/12–3146)]