740.00119 Council/6–2746: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State, at Paris83

top secret

3116. Secdel 355. For the Secretary. War Dept has been requested to repeat to Lincoln84 for the Secretary’s info Naf 1166 of June 25 [Page 904] from SAC to CCS re withdrawal of Allied garrison from Pola and of Yugo detachment from Zone A. Ampolad has also been instructed to repeat his 622 and 623 June 2685 to Dept re discussion these subjects at AFHQ.

Dept has informed War Dept that no move should be made in this matter without your approval, as Allied withdrawal from Pola would be contrary to announced Allied policy of maintaining position in Venezia Giulia until final settlement is reached, and would afford Yugos excuse to move into Pola to maintain order following Allied withdrawal. Yugo move into Pola would be tantamount to settlement by force of that part of territorial dispute, and would likely lead to violence between Itals and Yugo which might spread throughout Venezia Giulia.

As regards withdrawal Yugo detachment from Zone A, Dept’s view is that SAC should instruct Yugo commander that orders must henceforth be faithfully carried out, and that any further disregard of SAC’s authority will require restriction of Yugo detachment to area in which they are quartered pending settlement of matter between Yugo and US and UK Govts.

  1. The Secretary of State was in Paris attending the Second Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers, Second Part, June 15–July 12, 1946.
  2. Military Adviser on the United States delegation at the Council of Foreign Ministers.
  3. Latter not printed, but see footnote 82, p. 903.