874.00/2–246: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Representative in Bulgaria ( Barnes )


29. Personal from the Secretary for Barnes. Vyshinsky has told Mr. Bevin that Soviets have fulfilled Moscow obligation in regard to Bulgaria and that “all that remains is for Brit and US Govts to instruct [Page 66] opposition to join the Bulgarian Gov’t.” We do not regard the decisions at Moscow as requiring us to urge the abandonment of the opposition’s principles. Consequently, believing the Brit. will feel similarly, we are exploring the possibility of reaching agreement with Vyshinski on alternative steps along the lines you have suggested which might be taken to achieve some solution of the problem.

The foregoing is for your own information only.

We made a formal agreement at Moscow in regard to Bulgaria. In some quarters there is now a belief that since then we have been sabotaging that agreement by encouraging the opposition not to enter the Government. It is of primary importance that we avoid any appearance of bad faith toward our allies and we must be meticulous in all dealings with the various contending elements in Bulgaria to make it clear that we intend to abide scrupulously by our agreement in regard to Bulgaria and to give no grounds for the belief that we would openly or covertly support any faction in a course inconsistent with the letter or spirit of our commitments. I hope you will carefully avoid any action or remarks which might give a contrary impression of our attitude.