701.7111/4–146: Telegram

The Representative in Rumania (Berry) to the Secretary of State

operational priority

375. Mytel 269 of March 5.58 Rumanian manager of large American company reports that in personal conversation yesterday Premier Groza expressed marked irritation at lack of reply to Rumanian Govt note nominating Dr. Dumitru Bagdasar as Minister to Washington. Informant is one of Groza’s intimates, they having served prison term together.

Groza stated that US would “have to take Bagdasar” as he would name no other man for the post. The entire tenor of his conversation showed an intransigent attitude toward the United States. Groza stated that US feared war with Soviet Union and belittled chances of success of any American action directed against Groza govt as there was “equality of weapons”.

After expressing strong dissatisfaction with activities of National Liberal and National Peasant parties he concluded by announcing his intention “to do something” about them.

My disturbed informant although accustomed to Groza’s eccentric talk expressed opinion that the Premier was voicing ideas with which he had been primed at some recent Soviet pep session.

375 from Berry, repeated Moscow 65 and London 67.

  1. Not printed; in this telegram Mr. Berry reported that the nomination of Bagdasar represented a complete victory of the Communist Party over all other Rumanian political elements including the King and that the Marshal of the Court had hinted that the King would not be displeased if Bagdasar were found unacceptable by the United States Government (701.7111/3–546). A memorandum of April 12 from the Director of the Office of European Affairs, H. Freeman Matthews, to the Secretary of State observed that the Secretary had approved postponement of action on the Bagdasar nomination in view of the circumstances of his appointment, and in the light of reports that the Rumanian Government was not implementing its assurances regarding the holding of early elections and the exercise of freedom of the press and assembly by Rumanian opposition parties (701.7111/4–1746).