871.00/3–2346: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Representative in Rumania (Berry)

top secret

185. After careful consideration of Schuyler’s T822, March 2054 Dept feels it desirable that the General in accordance with his suggestion raise matter at early meeting ACC. He may point out (1) that information received by him indicates possibility attempt on life of King, (2) that while it is obviously impossible to evaluate with certainty [Page 584] the foundation of such reports the reliability of the sources of this information is such that we would feel remiss if we did not bring the matter to ACC attention and (3) that the US Govt is doing so in order that the Soviet occupying forces in Rumania may, so long as they remain in occupational control of that country, take such steps as may be necessary in their judgment to fulfill their responsibility for the safety of the royal family, unless and until such time as the Rumanian people declare in a free and orderly manner that they desire some constitutional form other than a monarchy.

Should the question of sanctuary for the King or his mother arise in the meantime you and Gen Schuyler should be guided by instructions contained Deptels 86 Feb 23, 1945 and 114 March 9, 1945.55

War Dept concurs in foregoing.

Sent to Bucharest, repeated to London and Moscow.

  1. Not printed; it reported the details of an assassination plot against King Michael.
  2. Foreign Relations, 1945, vol. v, pp. 475 and 485, respectively.