740.00119 Control (Rumania)/2–2846: Telegram

The Representative in Rumania (Berry) to the Secretary of State


246. For the Secretary. His Majesty yesterday asked me to present to you the following six subjects upon each of which he said he would be pleased to learn the American point of view for the purpose of formulating his own course of action.

With a prepared memorandum in Rumanian before him King Michael read me the following in English: (1) The first step in the application of the Moscow decision was taken collectively by the US, UK and USSR. Does the US expect to continue to participate equally in the carrying out of succeeding steps required to give full effect to the Moscow decision concerning Rumania? (2) Is it the point of view of the US Govt that Soviet troops in Rumania will depart after ratification Rumanian peace treaty? (3) Certain members Rumanian Govt make it understood that failure of Groza Govt to be returned by electorate will have serious consequences for Rumania. Is this view of US Govt or is it view that three Allied Powers will accept whatever govt results from expression will of people at election? (4) Some Ministers pretend that the US and UK wish redraw frontier line between Rumania and Hungary whereas Soviet authorities wish retain present frontier. As present frontier established by Anglo-Americans [Page 579] after First World War it is as important for Anglo-American prestige in Rumania as for Rumanians themselves that that frontier be retained. (5) Does US Govt expect occupy itself at all after peace treaty with economic situation Rumania? (The King verbally enlarged this point as meaning whether US expected any commercial relations with Rumania and whether it would accept situation created by economic agreements signed between Groza Govt and Soviet Union which have fostered monopolistic SovRom Companies46 in every important phase of Rumania’s economy.) (6) Can it be expected that after signing of peace treaty US will seek to establish commercial relations to permit economic development of country such as exporting American farm machinery, mine and petroleum equipment and road building machinery to enable Rumania to produce more grain, minerals and improve roads?

Explanatory of King Michael’s statement I desire to say that some of his counsellors disappointed in the part of the Moscow decision concerning Rumania have advised King that Moscow was “sellout” and therefore that interest of American Govt in Rumania will disappear with holding of elections, as that is final commitment of our Govt under Yalta and Moscow agreements. On other hand, in my conversations with King, I have praised statesmanship of Moscow decision stressing it was essential to break deadlock that had existed between three great powers since Sept, that it was important to secure Soviet recognition of the democratic character of the two Rumanian historic parties and equally important to secure Soviet agreement to the holding of free elections in Rumania as soon as possible, I should welcome, therefore, some general statement of your views which I might transmit verbally as a message to His Majesty from you.

  1. Soviet-Rumanian joint stock companies for various aspects of the Rumanian economy, provided for under the Soviet-Rumanian agreement for economic collaboration of May 8, 1945.