874.00/1–1846: Telegram

The Representative in Bulgaria ( Barnes ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

66. There can be no question that Moscow formula for broadening basis of Bulgarian Government has worsened conflict between Government and Opposition and has greatly increased tension throughout country. Formula was not based on honest appraisal of situation. Therefore not surprising that Government was encouraged to believe even more than ever that nothing counts in Bulgaria either internally or externally but Russia’s will and hence to be confident recognition by Western Powers would be almost automatic. Same indications deepen opposition’s conviction that they were confronted with “resist or die” situation.

Petkov and Lulchev have now addressed written statement to Generals Biryusov,25 Crane26 and Oxley27 as President and members respectively of Allied Control Commission setting forth their views as to deplorable conditions politically, economically and socially that now obtain in country.28 They have attached reports of alleged typical incidents of physical mistreatment even murder of opposition by Communists and agencies of Government. At same time Central Committee of Fatherland Front has issued open “explanation” to Bulgarian people giving government’s interpretation of Moscow formula and charging opposition with deliberate misrepresentation, black reaction, sabotage and provocation. Charge of provocation is used in futile effort to place responsibility on opposition for rapidly increasing instances of terror throughout country, it being argued that an unarmed opposition is going about countryside beating and murdering armed supporters of Government.

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Frankly I think atmosphere is becoming menacing that if placating influences from outside are not soon brought to bear much blood will be spilled throughout country.

Texts of Opposition’s communication to ACC contained in my next following telegram No. 67.29

Sent Department as 66, repeated Moscow as 30 and London as 22.

  1. Col. Gen. Sergey Semenovich Biryuzov, (Soviet) Deputy Chairman, Allied Control Commission for Bulgaria.
  2. Maj. Gen. John A. Crane, Chief of the United States Representation on the Allied Control Commission for Bulgaria.
  3. Maj. Gen. W. H. Oxley, Commissioner, British Military Mission in Bulgaria and British Representative on the Allied Control Commission for Bulgaria.
  4. Telegram 76, January 22, 1946, from Sofia, reported that the leaders of the Bulgarian opposition were called to the Soviet offices of the Allied Control Commission where they were informed by Soviet authorities that no further relations would be had with them and that their communication of January 17 was therefore being returned to them (874.00/1–2246).
  5. Not printed.