760F.64/3–746: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Czechoslovakia ( Steinhardt )37


224. Your views are requested on proposal by Clementis urtel 345 Mar 7 repeated to Budapest as 22. Dept considers that early settlement of Zecho-Hungarian population transfer is desirable and is willing to consider Clementis proposal as possible solution. Do you consider that three power démarche would result in solution acceptable to Zecho and Hungary and would both states regard settlement as definitive? Dept considers further action beyond joint démarche by three powers would not be desirable in view of discussion of Hungarian [Page 366] treaty at forthcoming peace conference at which Zecho will be represented under terms of Moscow Agreement 1945.38 (Sent to Praha and Budapest.)

  1. Sent to Budapest as telegram No. 293.
  2. In telegram 440, March 26, from Praha, Ambassador Steinhardt gave the opinion that a solution would be reached which the Czechoslovak Government would accept and regard as definitive if the Hungarian Government responded to a Three Power démarche in the manner that Clementis anticipated (760F.64/3–2646).