711.75/11–746: Telegram

The Acting Representative in Albania (Henderson) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

551. Following text Hoxha letter received 10 a.m. today in reply to mine November 5:

“I have the honor to advise you that I have received your letter of November 5, 1946 in which you state: ‘There is not any further reason for the Mission to remain in Albania. The US Mission is accordingly being withdrawn’.67

More than 18 months ago the US Government asked Albanian Government for permission to send an official American Mission to Albania, headed by Mr. Jacobs who would report to American Government on conditions in Albania with respect to question of recognition of Albanian Government by US Government. This American Mission was well received by us and it was given all possible opportunties and facilities to accomplish its purpose. For 18 successive months your Mission moved about (se promenade) freely to the four corners of Albania, in villages and cities without at any time finding any hindrance to its work which was to be solely informative in connection with recognition of our government. In spite of the fact that the nature of the American Mission was specifically limited as outlined above and that its work was, in effect, completed as of the date of delivery of American note of November 12, 1945,68 wherein were stated the conditions for recognition of our Government, the American Mission had not only continued to remain in Tirana but our government, with the greatest generosity and kindness, has permitted the entry and transfer of many employees and various friends of Mission which repeatedly requested clearances for them. Our Government with greatest generosity, has given the American Mission numerous opportunities even better to observe conditions in Albania and important developments in Albania, as for example, the elections of November ’4569 and many others.

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Chief Commissioner Jacobs has expressed to me many times his enthusiasm for the constructive work being carried out in our country, for the heroic ways of Albanian people, for our stable democracy and for the fine sentiments of peace and generosity of Albanian people and their government. Chief of American Mission himself has told me many times that his reports to American Government with respect to recognition of our government have been very favorable and even that for him it was astonishing American Government had placed conditions on recognition our government. Mr. Jacobs characterized this condition to me after his first return from Washington as a ‘last minute question’ that he knew nothing about and which had been added by some technician of State Department.

The last minute condition which was added by some technicians of State Department and which Mr. Jacobs told me about was nothing but acceptance by us of some treaties which existed between US and some previous governments of Albania. The condition put to us for recognition was not a simply technical matter the way Mr. Jacobs tried to represent it, for the results demonstrate that it was purely a question of principle and the American Government raised it and used it as an obstacle of the first rate to the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries. With regret we have also noticed that during all this time the question of treaties has been employed as an argument by American Government to oppose all our legitimate demands in international field earned with blood and sacrifices. But just as for American Government treaty question is matter of principle and this principle is defended insistently by American Government in the same way, this question is for matter of principle that we too have every right to defend in the interest of our people.

On part of our government it has always been endeavored to find solution to this question which impeded establishment diplomatic relations between our two peoples which are united by close friendship in past and in recent common war. Albanian people have nourished and have a great sympathy for friendly American people and regret much to see that pretexts and questions are being created to impede the best development of this friendship. Throughout period of negotiations on question treaties American Mission at Tirana not only did not show any warm interest in adjustment of differences but also its long and unjustified stay was used to create even greater difficulties in way of attainment satisfactory results. Fact is American State Department has time and again issued alarming and false communiqués in relation to treatment received by American Mission from Albanian authorities.

Convincing proof that Albanian Government has always been ready solve question treaties and recognition our government in the most amicable manner and without threat to interests of two countries, is our note of August 13 this year through which we agreed recognize all treaties of internal [multilateral?] character which existed between US and Albania and as to other two or three bilateral treaties they would be taken under examination immediately upon arrival American Ambassador Tirana. This was great concession that we were making for sake of friendship which ties us to American people because circumstances under which history of our people has developed, circumstances [Page 38] and people who have signed these prewar treaties on behalf of Albania and conditions and spirit created by anti-Fascist war have also brought with them indispensable examination of all prewar agreements which existed between our country and other states. Albanian people who have fought for and won their liberty, independence and sovereignty had a full right to correct that which in their bitter past had been done in open contradiction with their vital interests. Great democratic American people will be the first to approve our just point of view.

But unfortunately, American State Department and its Mission at Tirana has not even deigned to give an answer to our note which contained a sound basis for resolving the matter and for establishment of friendly relations between our two countries. Under these circumstances and in view of complete silence which met our favorable and friendly propositions expressed in our note August 13, 1946, we do not wish to believe that American State Department does not take with due seriousness question of diplomatic relations with Albania and the continuation and reenforcement of friendship between our two peoples.

Albanian people and their government have confidence in the American people and will conserve friendship which they bear them and are always seeking friendly spirit to reenforce on just and sound bases this friendship which many persons in American State Department and the American Mission at Tirana have undervalued. With distinguished salutations signed Enver Hoxha.”


[On November 8, 1946, the Department of State released to the press a statement respecting the withdrawal from Albania of the American Mission; for text, see Department of State Bulletin, November 17, 1946, page 913.]

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