C.F.M. Files: Lot M–88: Box 2063: Records of Decision

Record of Decisions, Council of Foreign Ministers, Second Session, Eighth Meeting, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, May 3, 1946, 3 p.m.12

C.F.M. (46) 8th Meeting, 3 May, 1946.


Mr. J. Byrnes (Chairman)
Senator Connally
Senator Vandenberg
Mr. J. C. Dunn
Mr. B. Cohen
Adm. Hewitt, U.S.N.
Gen. Lincoln
Mr. Matthews
Mr. Bohlen
U.S.S.R. France
M. V.M. Molotov M. G. Bidault
M. A.Y. Vyshinsky M. Couve de Murville
M. V. G. Dekanozov Général Catroux
M. F. T. Gousev M. R. Massigli
M. A. Y. Bogomolov M. H. Alphand
M. B.K. [K.V.?] Novikov M. J. Fouques Duparc
Mr. E. Bevin
Mr. H.M.G. Jebb
Mr. A. Duff-Cooper
Sir Maurice Peterson
Mr. O.C. Harvey

I. Report of the Deputies.

The Council approved the Report of the Deputies’ meeting submitted by Mr. Dunn (C.F.M. (D) 48th meeting).

[Page 223]

II. Procedure of the Hearing of the Representatives of the Yugoslav and Italian Governments.

The Council decided that the representatives of the two Governments would be received together and that the representative of the Yugoslav Government would be heard first.

III. Hearing of the Representatives of the Yugoslav and Italian Governments.

The Council heard statements from M. Kardelj, Vice-Premier of Yugoslavia, and M. de Gasperi, Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy, representing the Yugoslav and Italian Governments respectively. These representatives announced that they would communicate to the Council observations in writing on the report of the Commission for the Italo-Yugloslav frontier (C.M.A.E. (46) 5).13

IV. Next Meeting of the Council.

The next meeting of the Council was fixed for Saturday 4th May at 11 a.m./.

  1. No United States Delegation Record of this meeting has been found. For a summary of the proceedings of this meeting, see telegram 2142, Delsec 458, May 4, from Paris, p. 224.
  2. C.F.M. (46) 5, April 27, 1946, p. 140.