C.F.M. Files: Lot M–88: Box 2063: Records of Decision

Record of Decisions, Council of Foreign Ministers, Second Session, Seventh Meeting, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, May 2, 1946, noon

C.F.M. (46) 7th Meeting, 2 May, 1946.


M. V. M. Molotov (Chairman)
M. A. Y. Vyshinsky
M. V. G. Dekanozov
M. F. T. Gousev
M. A. Y. Bogomolov
M. B. K. [K. V.?] Novikov
U.K. U.S.A
Mr. E. Bevin Mr. Byrnes
Mr. H. M. G. Jebb Senator Connally
Mr. A. Duff Cooper Senator Vandenberg
Sir Maurice Peterson Mr. J. C. Dunn
Mr. O.C. Harvey Mr. B. Cohen
Adm. Hewitt, U.S.N.
Gen. Lincoln
Mr. Matthews
Mr. C. E. Bohlen
M. B. Bidault
M. Couve de Murville
Gen. Catroux
M. R. Massigli
M. H. Alphand
[Page 214]

I. Report of the Deputies.

The Council approved the report of the Deputies (47th Meeting) recommending an agenda for the present meeting of the Council.

II. Hearing of the Yugoslav and Italian Representatives.

It was agreed to hear the representatives of the Yugoslav and Italian Governments on Friday afternoon, 3rd May.

III. Peace Treaty with Italy.

It was agreed that these Islands would be ceded to Yugoslavia provided that:
they would not be militarised;
the fishing rights of Italian nationals would be protected.
It was agreed that this island would remain Italian and would not be militarised.
War Criminals.
No agreement was reached on this question.

IV. Informal Meetings.

The Council agreed that in addition to the formal meetings a series of informal meetings of the Ministers and no more than three other persons of each delegation should be held. Agreed that the first series of meetings should take place at 5 p.m. the same day under Mr. Byrnes’ chairmanship in his office./.