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Memorandum by the United Kingdom Delegation at the Council of Foreign Ministers92


Peace Treaty With Italy: Italian Colonies

Italy shall renounce her Sovereignty over all her colonies.
Libya, which comprises, Cyrenaica and Tripolitania, shall be created as an independent State. Consultations shall take place with the representatives of the inhabitants for the establishment of a constitution and consideration of the necessary steps to assist the new State in establishing her administration. Provision should be made for a special régime to safeguard minorities.
Red Sea Colonies.
Eritrea. It having been brought to the notice of the Foreign Ministers that Ethiopia is making claim to Eritrea, it is suggested that the Ethiopian Government should be heard before a final decision on the future of Eritrea is taken.
Italian Somaliland. There should be a study by the Deputies as to the possibility of the creation of a new territory to be known as United Somalia, consisting of British Somaliland, Italian Somaliland, the Ogaden, the Reserved Areas, the last two now being under the sovereignty of Ethiopia, in order to provide an economic and ethnic unit in the interests of the people. Should there be agreement on this proposal, the United Kingdom should be given the trusteeship for United Somalia, (i) on the grounds that the area was liberated by British Commonwealth Forces, and (ii) since the United Kingdom would be voluntarily placing the protectorate of British Somaliland under the trusteeship system in the interests of the wider area. If, after investigation agreement was not reached on this scheme, the British offer would be withdrawn.

Paris, 29 April 1946.

  1. The substance of this proposal was discussed by the Council of Foreign Ministers at their Fourth Meeting, April 29, 1946, 4 p.m.; see the United States Delegation Record of that meeting, p. 174.