C.F.M. Files: Lot M–88: Box 2063: Records of Decisions

Record of Decisions, Council of Foreign Ministers, Second Session, Fifth Meeting, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, April 30, 1946, 3 p.m.

C.F.M.(46) 5th Meeting, 30 April, 1946.


M. Bidault (Chairman)
M. Couve de Murville
Gen. Catroux
M. R. Massigli
M. H. Alphand
M. J. Fouques Duparc
U.S.A U.K.
Mr. Byrnes Mr. E. Bevin
Senator Connally Mr. H.M.G. Jebb
Senator Vandenberg Mr. A. Duff-Cooper
Mr. Dunn Sir Maurice Peterson
Mr. Cohen Mr. O.C. Harvey
Adm. Hewitt, U.S.N.
Gen. Lincoln
Mr. Matthews
Mr. Bohlen
M. V. M. Molotov
M. A.Y. Vyshinsky
M. Dekanozov
M. F.T. Gousev
M. Bogomolov
M. K.V. Novikov

I. Records of Previous Meetings

The Council approved the records of the First and Second Meetings.

II. Report by the Deputies

The Council considered the Report of the Deputies’ Meeting and approved the Agenda proposed (CFM. (46) 25).89

[Page 190]

III. Invitations to the Italian and Yugoslav Governments

The Council agreed to invite the Yugoslav and Italian Governments to give the Council their views on the Report of the Experts concerning the Italo-Yugoslav Frontier which would be supplied to them for this purpose, together with the map showing the frontier lines proposed by each of the allied Experts.90

The text of the letters of invitation is annexed to the present record.91

IV. Next Meetings

The Council agreed to meet in future in the mornings at 11 a.m. as well as in the afternoon.

V. Austro-Italian Frontier

After a preliminary exchange of views the Council decided to refer the question of the Austro-Italian frontier back to the Deputies for consideration in accordance with the decision taken at the first session of the Council of Ministers of the 14th September 1945.

The Deputies should also examine the question whether representative of the Austrian and Italian Governments should be heard./.

  1. Not printed; the substance of the Deputies Report, as presented orally by Dunn is included in the United States Delegation Record of this meeting, supra.
  2. The map showing the Italo-Yugoslav frontier lines proposed by each of the Experts is reproduced facing p. 152.
  3. The invitation, dated April 30, 1946, is not printed here. The text of the invitation was circulated to the Council as document CFM(46)27, May 1, 1946, not printed.