740.00119 Council/4–1846: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Delegation at the Council of Foreign Ministers, in Paris


1912. Urtel 4333, Apr 18.38 For Reinstein. Dept strongly urges return all Ital cables to Italy first, as material contribution to restoration of Italy to sound peacetime economy; second, to avoid confusion resulting from efforts to divide cables between UK and US on basis appearing to US to be equitable; third, difficulty of justifying either as reparations or war booty; fourth, because of suspicions on part of other powers. It believes such effort at partition would cause postwar difficulties and misunderstandings far out of proportion to security or other considerations which might result. Its sole concession, which it would grant reluctantly, is that Brit may retain and operate existing terminals of Ital cables in Brit territory.39 Dept does not understand just what technical adjustments or problems referred to paragraph seven but will consider detailed proposals thereon.

Sent to Paris rptd to London.40

  1. Ante, p. 65.
  2. The instructions on this point were revised by telegram 2845, Secdel 263, June 14, 1946, to Paris, which read in part as follows:

    “… in view consideration being given problem in Dept, make no concession or reference at this time to British which would concede British operation of existing terminals of Italcables in British territory.” (740.00119 Council/6–146)

  3. Repeated to London as telegram 3547.