740.00119 Council/3–3146: Telegram

The Assistant Secretary of State ( Dunn ) to the Secretary of State


3613. This is Delsec 329 from Dunn. At the close of the deputies meeting yesterday evening,59 Gusev took occasion to make a statement which he may have intended as a warning that the Soviet Government [Page 37] was not prepared to take part in the Paris conference unless agreed drafts of the treaties were ready for consideration. He pointed out that after two and a half months of discussion we had not yet arrived at any substantial agreement and that if this continued, it would be difficult to imagine the convocation of the May 1 conference. In his opinion the only purpose of the conference was to consider draft treaties prepared by the CFM. Without them, in his opinion, the conference would be impossible. In conclusion he urged that we expedite our work.

I stated we were prepared to do everything to expedite and complete the work before May 1 and urged that anyone who had not yet been prepared to discuss certain subjects should now be prepared to discuss all outstanding matters.

  1. Reference is to the 5th meeting of the Deputies on the Balkan treaties.