740.00119 Council/3–646

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Secretary of State 47

top secret

The British Ambassador called at his request.

The Secretary showed the Ambassador a draft telegram48 to our Embassy at London regarding a proposed meeting of Foreign Ministers in April prior to the meeting at Paris the first of May.

The Secretary said that before he sent the telegram, he would like the Ambassador to get in touch with his Government to get its reaction. The Secretary added that if the British Government had any strong objections, he would not send the telegram.

The Secretary said that notwithstanding the Stalin tactics in London, he thought we should go ahead with the plans for the peace conference. He went on to say that we ought to let the Russians know that we are not counting on any postponement.

To enable us to discuss the proposed treaties for consideration when the peace conference is held, we ought to meet prior to May 1, the Secretary said. It must be anticipated that there will be differences on which the Deputies will not reach an agreement. Therefore, the Foreign Ministers must make an effort to reconcile the differences that exist.

The Ambassador said he would send a quick telegram to his Government and that when he received an answer, he would let me know.

  1. The source text is not signed.
  2. Reference here is to the draft telegram quoted in telegram 1998, March 5, to London, p. 22.