740.00119 Council/2–2646: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Assistant Secretary of State (Dunn), at London


1807. For Dunn. I have also become concerned at trend of discussions in Deputies meetings (urtel Delsec 192 Feb 19 and previous). It seems to me that unless more positive approach is made to Ital treaty problems, we shall not only encounter further serious delays in harmonizing divergent views of various delegations but will also fail to achieve just and lasting settlement which we all desire.

I suggest therefore that you say to Deputies that from positions taken by several powers on various questions discussed it is evident treaty drawn up thereon will be harsher than any one of powers, who individually are well disposed towards Italy, desires to see imposed on that country; that imposition of such harsh conditions on people whose material contribution to defeat of Germany has already been acknowledged would not in end serve best interests of world order and stability and would not meet hopes of this Govt for just and enduring peace; and that therefore this Govt proposes that each power recede in measure from demands and restrictions they desire imposed upon [Page 16] Italy, in order that through compromise a settlement in best interest of all may be arrived at.

I feel strongly Deputies should give this proposal most serious consideration.